Island View Resort

    on Sand Lake


Let's go to the lake this summer  !!



What about Sand Lake?

 Sand Lake is a 4200 acre lake featuring a sand bottom and lots of bottom structure.  The lake has a series of depth changes due to sunken islands, bars and deep holes that make it a natural habitat for Walleye, Crappies and Bass.  As with most Minnesota lakes it also supports a large population of Northern and Perch, some of outstanding size.  Sand Lake is 9 miles long and 4 miles wide at its extremes.  The expanse of water is broken by two islands which provide protection on even the windiest day.

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Sunset on Sand Lake  

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Sportsmen and boaters will find access to several other lakes from their docking point at Island View.  These include Birdseye Lake, Little Sand Lake, Portage Lake, Rice Lake and the Big Fork and Bowstring Rivers.